Optimise Your Website With Flesching

Optimise Your Website With Flesching

It is imperative that your sentence and word structure is displayed in a way that it suits Google’s ranking algorithms. Visitors prefer readable information, as compared to complicated and long-winded information. 

So, as an example, let us rephrase that: 

The text on your website should be short and concise. Google’s SEO systems rank your website based on its readability. Your audience will also prefer copy they can easily understand. 

There are therefore three aspects to remember when you want to optimise your website with flesching:

1. The average length of your sentences – they should be short and clear, allowing the reader to absorb the information easily.

2. The amount of syllables used per word – try and limit your words to three-syllables. Words with more syllables are considered difficult to read.

3. Limit your use of difficult words – if you are looking to appeal to a broad audience, stay away from jargon and keeps things simple.

There are a few exceptional cases where this concept might not be possible though. For instance, in areas such as the medical world, there are certain words and phrases that must be used in order to match industry standards. It is therefore important to understand your audience and create your online text accordingly. 

Here at Outline Online, we use certain software tools that measure the readability of all the websites we build. They provide us with a score-per-page index that enables us to ensure the SEO effectiveness is in line with Google’s standards and our clients get the search rankings they deserve. 

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