Why E-Commerce is more relevant than ever

Why E-Commerce you ask? There are reasons why E-Commerce is becoming more prevalent than ever. Social-distancing measures and the general uncertainty of physical shopping has caused a major shift in consumer spending habits. While this has been a complicated time for many business models, ecommerce has instead been trending in a positive direction. These new […]

The go-to checklist to optimise your online shop – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our online shop checklist. Simply putting your products online does not guarantee that you are going to sell and make that profit you are after. We have put together a checklist of a few areas you can focus on to optimise your e-Commerce site and get that order coming in. […]

6 tips to optimise your E-Commerce Website

Optimise your E-Commerce Website An eCommerce website is not just about selling your products via your catalogue pages. Although this might be a priority, the SEO on your website determines your ranking in search engines and has a direct effect on your user experience. When you optimise your E-Commerce website there are many areas that […]

Optimise Your Website With Flesching

When it comes to managing the written content you have on your website, it is imperative that your sentence and word structure is displayed in a way that suits Google’s ranking algorithms. Readable information is also most likely preferred by visitors, as compared to complicated and long-winded information.  So, as an example, let us rephrase […]