Why E-Commerce is more relevant than ever

Why E-Commerce you ask?

There are reasons why E-Commerce is becoming more prevalent than ever. Social-distancing measures and the general uncertainty of physical shopping has caused a major shift in consumer spending habits. While this has been a complicated time for many business models, ecommerce has instead been trending in a positive direction.

These new buying habits are unlikely to suddenly shift back to what they once were, even after things “get back to normal.” Because of this, now is the time to get your business on online and join the exciting world of ecommerce. Its influence is far greater than it has ever been, so don’t get left behind.

With global e-Commerce sales amounting to 350 trillion dollars in 2019, one can only imagine what those numbers are going to be come the end of 2021. The contribution that Covid-19 and its restrictions have made towards the upcurve in online sales is obvious. But there is a whole load of other reasons that make e-Commerce the way forward:

The growth of emerging markets contribute to why E-commerce is so crucial

India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa are markets that are growing at a rapid pace and hency why E-commerce is becoming so important. 3 billion buyers will have Internet access by 2022. It is also predicted that 20% of all retail sales world-wide will be made by the population of emerging market countries. That is a lot of potential purchases and companies that offer products in these regions need to make sure they are ready for the imminent storm.

The growing automation of the e-Commerce supply chain

The collateral abilities of online shops are advancing as a rapid rate. Automations enable business to focus the attention of their staff towards more important tasks and streamline their processes. Companies will save costs due to the convenience of things and therefore be able to offer more competitive pricing to their clients. It’s a win-win situation really.

People live through their mobile phones

As controversial as it is, it is the truth. People are relying more and more on their mobile devices to manage their day-to-day tasks. The power of mobile responsiveness on e-Commerce platforms ensure that visitors have the opportunity to buy whatever is it they need or want at the click of a button. Convenience is a huge driving factor in today’s buying habits and there is nothing more convenient than sitting on your couch and doing your grocery shopping through that little piece of magic in your hands.

Social media opening up to sales

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are being increasingly inviting to the advertisement and purchase of online products. By making use of cross-pollinating technology, one can now link their e-Commerce website directly to their social media accounts. Potential buyers now don’t necessarily have to go to your physical website to make a purchase. They can now complete the entire process on their most trusted social media platform. The growing popularity of sponsored and paid adverts has also assisted the “push” marketing capabilities of online sales.

Smart shoppers

More than 54% of customers conduct thorough research before they commence with the purchasing of a product or service. How does this benefit e-Commerce stores you ask? If your customers are researching a product. Then you give them all the right information, at the right time, they may choose to buy from you directly. They also might choose to buy your product instead of another brand that doesn’t have as much valuable information and the convenience your online store is offering them. Research has shown that as much as 51% of purchases are made on brands that weren’t initially on the buyer’s mind.

It is clear that the future of e-Commerce is going to be full of innovation for both businesses and buyers. Entrepreneur or a fully-fledged business, it is important to stay updated with the online sales landscape. Our best advice is to keep learning. Read articles. Watch videos. Keep an eye on trends. And if you don’t have an online shop, now is without a doubt the time to get one.


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